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Speed (later to be known as Easy ) is a three-day-old pup found in a discarded suitcase on a rubbish tip by Barney, a tan-coloured Labrador cross, and Jack, a black-and white Collie mix, who has a reputation with the ladies. Speed’s mother Jenny and siblings have been captured by two of the councils dedicated pest controllers ( William and Benjamin. . . brothers), who take great pleasure in their work, as they consider all dogs are vermin.

Unknown to Barney, Jack is the father of Jenny’s litter. The animals are taken to the pound and exterminated by means of an electric current passed through a steel rod, suffering agonies in their death throws. Barney’s friend Lulu has recently delivered her own litter and is persuaded to adopt Speed. Bernie, so named as he bears an uncanny resemblance to a St Bernard, is an old, wise, street dog and leader of the pack and a long-time friend of Barney.

Jack and Harold are the two remaining members. The latter being a pure bred Husky of this most feared gang operating in and around Dalman, a holiday resort in the southern Turkey. The packs main adversary is Big Bill, a mastiff and his gang.

Three months later, Lulu’s owners decide to uproot and relocate. Having found homes for her pups, Speed is promised to the ginger-headed lad, who lives next door, who is constantly teasing him. Speed being a feisty pup retaliates and nips the boy’s hand.
The owners decide to have him put down.

Barney comes to the rescue and persuades Bernie to let Speed join the pack. Reluctantly, Bernie agrees, providing Barney takes full responsibility for him. Speed is instrumental in a well-planned successful raid on Abraham Burders cafe/restaurant. Abraham complains to Mohammed Ismik, an old school friend, who heads the pest control department.