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Trust No One

Vic Stanton and Danny O’ Brien are career criminals. Hard, tough and physically fit, the two gangsters are constantly on the lookout for their next big heist. They only care about money and will hire themselves out to anyone willing to pay their price. Business is good and their services are often required by Ronnie, “the pistol-packing psychopath”. Ronnie started in scrap metal but now controls all illegal activities in West London. Some say he even has the police and judiciary in his pocket. But who is the one really in control?

Danny’s girlfriend Jasmyn, an ex-high-class escort, is great at keeping secrets. Her diamond smuggling operation is top secret, even from Danny. However, when she starts having reservations about George, a mysterious associate who always turns up in a chauffeur-driven Bentley, she doesn’t have anyone to confide in.

In London’s murky underworld, you never know who you can trust or who really controls who.

Trust No One is based on a true story and will show you who are the puppets and who is pulling the strings.

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